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Parking and charging sustainable at your property

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Parking and charging sustainable at your property

That’s possible with a Solar Charging Plaza. Your property can therefore offer comfort as well as the desired service. We supply complete charging stations with solar energy for charging electric transport – fully tailored to your needs. Just plug in and charge!

Complying with the new legislation

1 charging point per 10 parking spaces at companies, offices and shopping areas. This decision is part of the ‘Clean energy for all Europeans’ package adopted by the European Parliament in 2020.

Charging with Solar Energy makes this possible by providing complete charging stations with solar panels, which are easily installed at existing parking spaces.

Energy label C

As of 1 January 2023, every office larger than 100m2 will have to have to carry energy label C – at a minimum. If the property does not comply, you may no longer use the property as an office. This obligation is laid down in the Buildings Code.

Charging with Solar Energy will help you comply with this new legislation. With our charging stations, you can quickly and easily generate renewable energy, which contributes effectively to the requirements of a higher energy label.

Dually sustainable solution

  • Generating electricity with solar panels at various local charging stations means that major investments in the energy grid are not necessary.

  • We can quickly and easily realise many new charging points – both in public areas and in your own car park.

Dually sustainable solution

Charging with Solar Energy can install an entire charging infrastructure with solar energy. The generated solar energy is used directly for charging the vehicles. Is the sun not visible? No problem. In that case, the electricity from the existing connection to your property is used. Does it generate more electricity than it uses? In that case, all surplus power is returned via the existing connection.

Clients happy, environment happy

Parking as well as sustainable charging of electric vehicles: that’s what Charging with Solar Energy makes possible. This helps you offer the desired service to your clients.

The environment also benefits from this solution – after all, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced faster.


The benefits of Solar Charging Plaza

All taken care of

Solar Charging Plaza takes the entire project off your hands – from request to implementation.

Always charging

By placing enough sustainable charging facilities, everyone can use the chargers – anywhere and anytime.

Lower costs

Solar Charging Plaza makes it possible to save costs when rapidly realising the charging infrastructure.

No investment

Take out a subscription for a fixed monthly fee. That way, you can continue to invest in your core business.

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