Our story

Why and how
Charging with Solar Energy is an ambitious company that makes an important contribution to sustainable mobility. We realise this contribution by deploying charging infrastructures with solar energy as much as possible. That way, we can make electric transport possible for everyone in the future. We focus on zero emissions and offer added value to almost all target groups – from government bodies to fleet managers, from amusement parks to car leasing companies and from retail trade with large parking spaces to utility companies.

Charging with Solar Energy consists of a group of the best national and international partners and specialists in the field of charging infrastructures, energy transition and sustainable energy generation. This is how we achieve the best possible sustainable solution for our clients and our environment.

Erik Overdick and Martijn van Santen are the driving forces behind Charging with Solar Energy. They are experienced entrepreneurs in the energy sector and change management who have combined their knowledge and network to contribute to energy transition and sustainable mobility.

Want to become a partner?
You might be faster alone, but you will go further together. We are always looking for the best specialists and partners who believe in and embrace our concept – from innovator to investor and from specialist to implementer. Would you like to know more or do you want to work with us? Join us and Charge with Solar Energy!