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Help your clients to charge sustainable

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Help your clients to charge sustainable

That is what Solar Charging Plaza enables. Give your client the overall solution to sustainable mobility.
We supply complete charging stations with solar energy for charging electric transport – fully tailored to your needs. Just plug in and charge!

Your client electrifies the fleet.

When your clients electrify their fleet, they may ask you how all these cars can be sustainably charged.

Charging with Solar Energy will help you answer that question: this is possible by installing complete charging stations with solar panels. These are easily and quickly installed by Charging with Solar Energy at your clients’ existing parking spaces.

Small or big, here and there.

Need small or big charging stations? Both are possible. Will additional charging locations be needed in the future? No problem.

The charging stations are scalable and can be extended with modules.
Charging with Solar Energy achieves short turnaround times and minimises the cost of constructing sufficient charging points for your clients’ electric vehicles.

This is how you help your clients to electrify their fleet.

Dually sustainable solution

  • Solar Charging Plaza enables the charging infrastructure of electrical vehicles with sustainable solar energy. The generated solar energy is used directly to charge cars.

  • With the utility connection, a surplus of energy is set back to the grid when present.

Save on fuel and the environment

You offer your clients the solution to becoming self-sufficient in ‘green fuel’ for their fleet. Not only does this result in financial savings and a good image, the environment also benefits from this solution. After all, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced faster.


The benefits of Solar Charging Plaza

All taken care of

Charging with Solar Energy takes the entire project off your hands – from request to implementation.


Your clients are self-supporting in producing the fuel for their electrified fleet.

Overall solution

Both sustainable driving and charging. This way your client receives the overall solution for sustainable mobility.


Step by step! Start small, grow big. No problem for the modular expanable Solar Charging Plaza's.

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