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Welcome to Charging with Solar Energy

We realise complete sustainable charging stations with solar energy for electric transport.
If you want to quickly and easily realise enough solar-powered charging points to charge electric vehicles, don’t look any further. Charging with Solar Energy can take care of the entire process – from intake to delivery.

By combining solar energy with charging points for electric transport, you can kill two birds with one stone: green charging and green energy generation. A dually sustainable solution!

Dually sustainable solution

  • Generating electricity with solar panels at various local charging stations means that major investments in the energy grid are not necessary.

  • We can quickly and easily realise many new charging points – both in public areas and in your own car park.

  • Convenience and comfort for parking users with electric cars. 4 Dry, snow-free cars in winter, cool cars in summer.

  • No dependency on a grid operator and no cabling work for electricity transmission.

The benefits of a Solar Charging Plaza

All taken care of

Charging with Solar Energy takes the entire project off your hands – from request to implementation.

Always charging

By placing enough sustainable charging facilities, everyone can use the chargers – anywhere and anytime.

Lower costs

Charging with Solar Energy makes it possible to save costs when rapidly realising the charging infrastructure.

No investment

Take out a subscription for a fixed monthly fee. That way, you can continue to invest in your core business.

Interested in a Solar Charging Plaza?

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Martijn van Santen

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Erik Overdick

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